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i-cubed designs and manufactures high performance networking products for itself and its clients. Based around a core team of engineering and marketing staff, it specialiases in the design of server-quality products and services. Based in Cambridge, England, the team has skills in areas ranging from medical electronics and OSI X400 through to music technology and ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) networking. Our marketing extends from nationwide dealer channels through to volume OEM customers.



Ethernet Adapter Card i-cubed manufactures the widest range of Ethernet products for ARM-based computers. All feature a full network protocol stack in FLASH ROM. Full in-system re-programming is provided. It only takes about one minute to update or totally replace the FLASH ROM contents. Conventional ROM and EPROM based products often need to be returned to a service centre and opened up to change components. Our 10base2 micro-MAU for the A3020 computer is one of the smallest in the world. Most of our Ethernet adapters are fully auto-sensing, 10baseT and 10base2 designs with comprehensive on-screen diagnostics and status reports. One product - the EtherLan 513 even has a direct fibre-optic connection. We also supply our own miniature expandable eight port hubs. With either 10base2 or FOIRL (fibre-optic) integral spine connections, they are ideal for demanding environments. They are built to a solid steel construction with special anti-theft adapter plates.


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Isas This is a totally unique product for high-end distributed servers, remote back-up and real-time serving. The same size and shape as a full-height 51/4" hard disc, Isas/155 has either 8 or 16 bit SCSI connections that support up to 20Mbyte/s. Unlike a hard disk, Isas/155 has 1 155Mbit/s ATM connection to carry the SCSI data for up to 15Km, depending on the physical medium. ISAS/155 supports Category 5 twisted pairs over 100m, multimode fibre over 1Km and single mode fibre up to 15Km. Unlike almost any other ATM host connection product, Isas/155 incorporates a non-blocking, bidirectional four port ATM switch. This makes it possible to construct distributed servers and peer-to-peer ATM networks without external switches. Isas/155 is compatible with a variety of Third Party ATM switches for connection into the wider world. Its FLASH-ROM based software is upgradable over the network, via SCSI or over the modem capable serial port. Isas/155 can also be supplied in a half-height format without the integral ATM switch.

Take a look at the Isas/155 System Outline or the short Introduction.


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