This is one of i-cubed's range of
high-performance Ethernet cards for Acorn
RiscOS computers. Contact or
for more information.


Ethernet Adapter Card
for Acorn Risc PC series and A5000/A7000
series computers.

EtherLan 512 and 513

Fibre optic or 10BaseT and 10Base2 Combination Ethernet adapter cards for A5000, A400 and A300 series computers. Also suitable for use in Risc PC600, PC700 and A7000 series expansion slot.
256Kbyte FLASH ROM (upgradeable to 512Kbytes) allows user to upgrade or change network protocols without having to purchase and replace physical components inside the computer.
EtherLan 512 offers automatic selection of either 10Base2 (Thin Ethernet) or 10BaseT (Twisted Pair). Allows user to move to different cabling structures in the future.
Etherlan 513 has a 10BaseT port for ease of set-up
Stainless steel backpanel for superior bypass circuit performance.
IEEE802.3 compliant line interfaces. Voltage isolation to 500V (10Base2) and 2000V (10BaseT).
i3 is commited to the highest possible degree of 'future-proofing' in network insallations. This includes the use of Category 5 cabling and fibre optic links (both of which will support 100Mbit Ethernet and 155Mbit ATM) to facilitate migration to higher-performance technologies as they become affordable Please for free network planning advice.
Designed and Manufactured in the UK by:
i-cubed limited,
Rustat House,
62 Clifton Road,
CB1 4GY,
Ordering Code:
10Base2 & 10BaseT
(BNC & RJ45)
E512 E512/A+ E512/C E512/T (special order only)
Ordering Code:
10BaseFL & 10BaseT
E513 E513/A+ E513/C E513/T
Data Rate 10M bits/s 10M bits/s 10M bits/s 10M bits/s
Data Path 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits
Supported Protocols* AUN,
LAN Manager**,
Windows for
Windows '95**.
As E512 plus
As E512 plus
AS E512 plus
BootP &
Buffer Size 64Kbyte 64Kbyte 64Kbyte 64Kbyte
Driver Software*** DCI4 DCI4 DCI4 DCI2
FLASH ROM size(1) 256Kbytes 256Kbytes 256Kbytes 256Kbytes
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) To EN55022
Network Compatability fully IEEE802.3 compliant
Operation Range 100m to 10BaseT hub, 185m to any 10Base2 repeater, bridge or gateway.
* Protocols may be changed after installation. Please for further information.
** Via Third Party Application software such as OmniClient.
*** The DC14 Software driver is required in order to use OmniClient, Access+ and Intertalk. A DCI 2 FLASH ROM conversion disc is available from i3 approved Preferred Dealer for use with older, unsupported protocols.
(1) Add/4 to ordering code for 512Kbytes FLASH ROM eg. E102/A+/4
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