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We manufacture Ethernet interface cards for the entire range of Acorn desktop machines. They are
EtherLan100 series for A3000 and A3010 machines.
EtherLan200 series for the A3020.
EtherLan500 series for all "podule" equipped machines.
EtherLan600 series for the RiscPC and A7000.
All the interface cards are equipped with Flash ROM, meaning that the interface software can be upgraded from floppy disk or even across the network itself. To complete the network installation, we also supply 10baseT hubs, patch panels and 19" rack hubs and Category 5 cabling and components. We can also supply Ethernet interface cards for PCs and Apple machines.
Don't forget our free network planning service.


ISAS/155 provides 155MBits/second networking via SCSI connections. Click here for a System Outline or get the shorter Introduction.


i-cubed Ethernet cards are all equipped with Flash ROM and can be upgraded simply and easily. Upgrades to the latest software are always free (although we may make a small handling charge for the disk). We intend to make the Flash upgrades available here once some technical issues have been settled, but in the meantime we have a softloadable version of our latest driver.
There are also a number of different licensable software upgrades. Contact i-cubed for pricing details:
Avignon - Ethernet Bridging software for i-cubed interface cards.
CMOS Lock - Configuration protection.
Access+ - Peer to peer networking protocol from Acorn.
ClassShare - High Speed Application Server from Network Solutions.
ClassROM - Hard Disk Protection & Management Software from Network Solutions.

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